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You Purchase from Body Shop & The Rainforests Get Restored


With the idea of cause marketing, Body Shop is encouraging the customers to contribute in its project of “Help Reggie Find Love campaign”.

Dailycsr.com – 29 August 2016 – In today’s digital age, there is a rule of reaching out to “consumers where they are”, either through phone, computers, tablets or smart-watches. At the same time, the marketers are pushing for transparency that promotes knowledge.
However, at the junction point of the above mentioned two trends, is taking birth innovative ways that integrate corporate “social impact messages into consumers' everyday experiences”, whereby a smart appliance can be the trigger point for a donation, while emojis can be harnessed for raising funds, while a fitness tracking for kids can come with a social cause. In fact, recent apps are being used to educate the consumer, for example the “dating apps” that informs the users about important issues “while they surf for a date”.
Similarly, in order to inform the consumer about the “Bio-Bridges program”, the Body Shop chose “Tinder”, whereby Cone Communication writes:
“Now, users of the dating app in Canada may stumble upon Reggie, a Red Shanked Douc monkey from Vietnam looking for love, with a profile detailing information about the Bio-Bridges program and its goal to restore rainforest and create wildlife corridors so endangered animals can meet and mate”.
Moreover, the digital activation is only one part of the “Help Reggie Find Love campaign”. Furthermore “consumers can head to The Body Shop store or website until the end of September and each purchase will trigger the restoration of one square meter of rainforest”. In fact, the buyers are encouraged to share their purchase items on social media platforms with the hashtag of “#findreggielove”. Lucky customers can also get a chance for featuring on the webpage of the Body Shop.