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Special Report on Deep Sea Drilling and Seabed Mining released by RepRisk


RepRisk, a leader in business intelligence, released its special report on deep sea drilling, and seabed mining.

RepRisk, a leader in providing business intelligence as well as a leading provider of ESG risk metrics and analysis, has made publicly available its Special Report on Deep Sea extractive Activities. The report specially focuses on ESG risks related to deep sea drilling and seabed mining.
RepRisks, systematically screen big data from a wide spectrum of open intelligence sources, in at least 15 languages, so that it can process the information by identifying, filtering, analysing, and quantifying ESG risks related to projects, companies sectors and countries. The risk it processes can be of different genres such as corruption, environmental degradation, human rights abuse, etc. These ESG risks, provide a very valuable external insight into a company’s commitments, policies and processes which translates to its performance.
The recently release report by RepRisk sheds new light on the challenges companies face when they would like to commercially explore deep-sea environments. Along with this facet, the report also aims to increase awareness as to the ESG risks involved in such activities. The report lists out companies, projects, and countries which have previous experience in deep sea drilling and seabed mining, as well as NGOs that highlight and are against these activities.
RepRisk has been its ESG risk database since 2006, and every hour of every day, the ESG risk database that serves as a comprehensive tool for due diligence, compliance, early warning system in managing risks, investment management, supplier risk and corporate benchmarking, grows with more information being automatically fed into the system. Currently its database includes risk profiles for more than 53,000 private and public sector companies, 13,000 projects that cover industries in every sector across the globe.
Its Special Report on Deep Sea extractive Activities bases itself on data from the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform, which includes information gathered, screened, analysed, and quantified by RepRisk. Thanks to it, ESG risks can come under the spotlight and strategies developed around them, which makes the whole operation more transparent.
Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, RepRisk serves clients across the world including corporates, insurance companies, global banks, and investment managers, helping them to mitigate and manage reputational and ESG risks on a day-to-day basis.