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Slashing food wastage while maintaining keeping things healthy, tasty and creative


Creative ways to slash food wastage at restaurants.

Slashing food wastage while maintaining keeping things healthy, tasty and creative
The abundance of food scraps provides ample opportunities for innovative solutions aimed at mitigating food wastages. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity to turn every morsel of food waste into gold.

To this end, Chef Adam Wright has honed his creativity in a purposeful approach towards cooking. As a case in point, he has prioritized tasty solutions that reduce food waste  in foodservice settings, such as this innovative twist to fish and chips.

It is interesting to watch him transform leftover vegetable scraps and fish trimmings into a classic street food dish.
Reducing Food Waste
Having grown up with a single mother, Chef Adam learnt how to be creative with meals. His challenge was to purposefully use every bit of food in the kitchen to create healthy, tasty dishes. From creative cooking in his childhood to being the Corporate Chef at Griffith Foods, taught him quite a few tricks on ways to reuse scraps and trimmings creatively.

Here are a couple of the tricks he uses:
  • Use portions which are typically not used in seafood such as skins or shells to create a tasty healthy stock. The same can be done from vegetable trimmings as well.
  • Select lesser-known cuts of meat  which are typically discarded, such a fish collars or wings to create interesting healthy meals.
  • Use the stem and skins on vegetables whenever possible.

How to Reduce Food Waste in Restaurants
A little imagination goes a long way in helping curb wastage in the kitchen. Chefs at Griffith Foods are happy to help to make the most of your ingredients  while keeping things interesting, trendy, healthy, tasty and creative.

Do get in touch with Griffith Foods representative or reach out to its sales team to learn more about its ongoing research and innovative solutions.