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Jill Stair’s Battle with Breast Cancer: A Verizon Employee’s Journey from Diagnosis to Recovery


In today’s episode of “Up To Speed”, we introduce you to Jill Stair, a Senior Analyst at Verizon Global Services, who has been with the company since 1991.

In March 2013, Jill noticed an abnormality in her breast during a regular self-check. Despite her doctor’s initial dismissal of the issue, a diagnostic mammogram was performed.

The results were shocking - Jill was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. Her doctor reassured her that it could be surgically removed and reconstructed.

However, during the operation, an unforeseen complication arose.

“As part of the procedure, the surgeon always removes a lymph node to check for cancer,” Jill explained. “But they found cancer… Thirteen out of sixteen lymph nodes were cancerous.”

Jill’s diagnosis was quickly escalated from stage 1 to stage 3C. Her treatment plan was revised and she underwent surgery, recovery, chemotherapy, and radiation in quick succession. The chemotherapy was particularly challenging, causing severe nausea.

“The chemo had a nickname … ‘the red devil’,” Jill shared. "It’s extremely potent; it essentially destroys everything in your body… in order to eliminate all the cancer.”

Throughout this ordeal, Jill realized the value of her Verizon insurance coverage.

“I was able to go through the surgeries, the chemo, the radiation and it was amazing. I’d walk in and go into this miserable chemo and I’m paying $35.00,” recalled Jill. “There were people in that room with me that were paying $50,000m”

Jill says she chooses to focus on the blessings she experienced during those tough times. “My Verizon family absolutely took care of me.”