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Georgia-Pacific's Tennessee Expansion: Creating Jobs and Economic Growth


In a recent initiative aimed at promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange, the Jackson, Tennessee, Dixie team partnered with their counterparts in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for an enriching training program. With a shared dedication to personal and professional growth, more than 40 employees from Jackson engaged in training sessions alongside their peers, covering topics such as innovation, equipment utilization, and essential skills.
This collaborative effort not only bolstered individual competencies but also set the stage for the upcoming launch of the Jackson facility in the summer of 2024, demonstrating the team's preparedness for a successful commencement. Georgia-Pacific commenced construction on the facility, which represents an investment of over $425 million, in September 2022, and completed it in the fall of 2023, marking the largest single investment in the city's history.
Occupying 241 acres west of Jackson, the 900,000-square-foot facility is fully air-conditioned and equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing technology, including a printer, plate-forming converting assets, and more. The anticipated workforce for the new site is expected to exceed 220 employees by 2025.
Upon becoming operational, this state-of-the-art facility will significantly augment the supply of disposable tableware products, particularly plates and bowls, in the market, while also supporting the Livingware and GP Pro business segments.
“Although we have invested to expand existing sites, this is the first new Dixie® plant the company has built since 1991,” explains Fernando Gonzalez, president of the consumer business at Georgia-Pacific. “This added capacity will help us meet the needs of our customers as consumer demand for high-quality, durable paper plates and bowls continues to grow.”
Georgia-Pacific directly employs around 460 individuals and manages six facilities in Tennessee. A group of nine employees from Jackson is spearheading preparations for a successful launch in 2024. With a longstanding commitment to investing in its workforce, Georgia-Pacific plans for the Jackson plant to serve as a platform for employee development, providing opportunities for career advancement.
Tennessee Governor Bill Lee praised Georgia-Pacific's decision to invest in the state, citing its skilled workforce and favorable business environment. The establishment of over 200 jobs in Jackson is anticipated to bolster economic growth across the region.
Currently, Georgia-Pacific's operations in Tennessee have a significant economic impact, generating approximately 1,430 additional indirect jobs and $100 million in labor income. Since 2011, the company's capital investments in the state have exceeded $250 million, contributing to the growth and enhancement of businesses and communities where they operate.