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Expedia Group’s evolving journey on sustainability and inclusion for 2021


The Expedia Group aims to transform the travel industry starting at home.

In its Inclusion & Diversity Report 2021, the Expedia Group said, it aims to transform the travel industry, starting at home.

The mission of the travel industry’s giant is to power “global travel for everyone, everywhere.” And in order to help realize this dream, the company has started looking inward to help ensure that it is “reflecting the diversity of travelers and modeling the inclusive mindsets that make travel a force for good.”

A year ago, when the Expedia Group first release its Inclusion & Diversity 2020 Report, the world was facing forces of significant transformations; very quickly it became clear that nothing would stay the same ever again. The pandemic forced industries and sectors to radically change their business model and the Expedia Group did so by putting travelers first.

“As a company, we set goals that pushed us beyond our comfort zone and piloted new strategies to begin shifting our culture. With this approach, we saw success in some areas such as integrating Ally Skills into our onboarding program to ensure allyship is core to our culture, launching our first global SelfID+ survey to better support our global workforce, and strengthening and recognizing our Inclusion Business Groups. At the same time, we fell short on other goals including our U.S. external hiring goal for underrepresented identities.”

“What fuels us now is a refusal to be fearful of failure. We will continue to challenge ourselves, set bold goals, and test new ideas because it takes big thinking to create bigger change. I am so inspired by the passion and commitment of our nearly 14,000 Expedians and am confident that when we empower them with the right skill sets and tools, the possibilities are limitless. We can continue to advance representation, inclusion, and equity—we just have to do the work together”

The Expedia Group continues to take steps to improve and widen its learnings as its expands boundaries in inclusion and diversity.

Travel Leadership Team Commitment
Within Expedia Group, Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) is not the responsibility of a singular department. It is in fact the responsibility of each employee starting from the top leadership team to one and all.

This level of commitment to I&D requires transparency.

This second report, demonstrates our progress over the last year and is a recognition of its ongoing journey towards a more sustainable, greener and more inclusive future.

“We are proud of the work of our global team and the efforts they make every day and look forward to championing and driving the continued, collaborative progress in the years to come.”