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‘Denver Startup Week 2017’ Holds Discussions With Experts Dealing With Challenges Of Launching ‘New Tech Product To Market’


Entrepreneurs and Arrow’s expert indulges in discussions touching upon the issues of IoT connected products.

Dailycsr.com – 30 October 2017 – The “Entrepreneur’s Journey” was hosted by Arrow Electronics during “Denver Startup Week 2017” at the “General Assembly”, wherein two entrepreneurs’ success stories were featured showcasing their journey to overcome the “challenges of developing and bringing smart, connected internet of things (IoT) products to market”.
Discussion was held between Eversleep’s Co-Founder, Chris Crowley, his counterpart at WaterBot, Chris Richter, and Business Development’s Senior Manager at Arrow, Jen Beasley, dealing with manufacturing, funding and prototyping. As per Beasley:
“Arrow’s global operations are headquartered right outside Denver, and Startup Week is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with tech startups doing really exciting work here in our own backyard. It was great to showcase the success of Eversleep and Waterbot, two inspiring startups that we’re currently guiding along the complicated path to market. General Assembly is a great partner to the tech community here in Denver, and we look forward to our next collaboration.”
General Assembly’s Local Market Producer in Denver, Kylie Borgias, said:
“General Assembly was thrilled to host the experts from Arrow, Eversleep and Waterbot for an engaging Startup Week discussion around the real-life challenges of bringing a new tech product to market. Educational and immersive programming like this is right in General Assembly’s wheelhouse—we exist to add value and educational training around in-demand skills like product-development in an increasingly technological economy.”
Arrow is a “complete technology stack” of IoT solutions that operates within a wide spectrum ranging from “sensor to cloud”, besides “expert professional and managed services”. The company has more than “125,000 customers” worldwide, while it “helps large enterprises and small startups alike” in their product designing and building stages, along with guiding them in scale-efficiency as well effective costing to introduce the products “faster” in the market.