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Citi Has Been 100% LGBT Friendly Workplace & CEI Record Is The Proof


Citi proudly sits amid the “leading companies included on the CEI” for promoting “workplace equality”.

Dailycsr.com – 30 January 2018 – Citi has yet again managed to score perfectly on the “Human Rights Campaign Foundation's 2018 Corporate Equality Index”, whereby maintaining a constant trend for the fourteenth year. The said index sets a benchmark for “policies and practices for LGBT workplace equality”.
In the words of the “Global Head of Diversity and Director, Talent Management”, Terry Hogan:
“We are proud to be among the leading companies included on the CEI that are working to promote and maintain workplace equality. We have recently revamped our diversity strategy to reflect our belief that unique individuals, collaborative teams and inclusive leaders have far-reaching impact and are the engines of new ideas”.
Citi launched a “revamped diversity strategy” this year, whereby the executives consisting of “CEO's leadership team” were leading “Affinities” representing the “broad ranging demographics of employees”, wherein one is the “LGBT (Pride) community”. It is an initiative that is developed on the “Global Employee Network Program” Citi, which was first lauched in the year of 2002.
Currently, the same comprises of “157 self-organized and run chapters with over 16,000 members”, all around the globe with its twenty four chapters. The president, head of “Institutional Clients Group” as well as “executive co-lead” of “Pride Affinity” at Citi, Jamie Forese, said:
“Citi is focused on actively promoting a workplace that both respects and protects the rights of LGBT people. We want to create an environment where all employees feel comfortable to be themselves at work and can contribute to being the best for our clients. It’s a responsibility that each of us holds and one that requires a continuous commitment to diversity across our firm”.

While, the Ethical Performance added:
“The 2018 CEI evaluates LGBT-related policies and practices including non-discrimination workplace protections, domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive health care benefits, competency programs, and public engagement with the LGBT community. Citi satisfied all of the CEI's criteria results with a 100 percent ranking and the designation as a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality”.