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Cisco’s WebEx receives ‘2020 Tech Cares Award’


Cisco ear marked “$8 million in cash” along with “$210 million in product” as response to the global pandemic.

Dailycsr.com – 29 September 2020 – Amit Barave is the senior director, head of Product Management for Cisco’s “WebEx Meetings & WebEx Platform” who talked about Cisco’s recognition by “TrustRadius Awards” as Webex received “2020 Tech Cares Award”.
2020 has been an unprecedented year which brought new changes and intensified some area of focus, whereby Barave said:
“Our responsibility at Cisco has always been to help those around us and keep the world connected. That focus was exemplified this year through donations, pledges, and offers.
“It’s gratifying to see these contributions get acknowledged, with the recent news that TrustRadius has awarded Webex with the 2020 Tech Cares Award”.
Furthermore, Barave writes that the above recognition is given to “companies who have demonstrated their service, consideration, and compassion to their professional, local and global communities in 2020. This award recognizes those organizations that have exemplified one of TrustRadius’s core values, being #Human, in the face of the global crisis.”
Talking about Cisco’s efforts, Barave added that the company ear marked “$8 million in cash” along with “$210 million in product” as response to the global pandemic, whereby it focuses on “healthcare and education, government response, and critical technology”. In Barave’s words:
“A part of that effort we helped to secure over 2.2 million people online and Webex facilitated virtual response meetings for governments worldwide. Webex Education software was provided as a free trial to schools during the outbreak. Cisco also provided nearly 1,000 Cisco DX80 video conferencing units to hospitals and healthcare providers around the globe”.
Have a look at the reviews given by the customers of Cisco:
ITB’s Staff Engineer:
“A lot of our students said that Webex is such a great app and is able to solve their communication problems during this pandemic situation…almost all of our staff and students use this app and they do love it.”
The Director of IT at Insurance Company:
“[The DX80 is] the perfect device for collaborating during a pandemic.”
While, senior data centre engineer from Conscia Sverige AB added:
“It takes me over 2 hours to drive to the closest office, and Cisco Webex Meetings is really useful for me to partake in all kinds of internal meetings.”
Computer software company’s sales analyst:
“Since we are not able to go onsite and have our quarterly meeting, Cisco Webex has been playing a vital role in ensuring these important big meetings are held as scheduled, which in turn helps maintain corporate business operations.”