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eBay Becomes EPA’s Official Member


eBay ranked “14th” on the “Top 30 Tech & Telecom list” of the Partnership

Dailycsr.com – 26 October 2020 – eBay strives to assimilate its “environmental best practices” with the community whereby helping to move towards a “sustainable future”. Carrying forward this very commitment, eBay received a recent designation of being an “official member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency”, in short EPA, whereby joining the initiative to turn to green power in an attempt to cut down on environmental impacts, especially generated from the use of conventional electricity.
In October 2020, eBay ranked “14th” on the “Top 30 Tech & Telecom list” of the Partnership. In the words of eBay’s chief sustainability officer, Renee Morin:
“We’re honored to be recognized by the U.S. EPA for our commitment to renewable energy. We remain dedicated to advancing a sustainable future, ensuring our global business operates responsibly.”
eBay continuously aims to improve its understanding and then “track and quantify” its environmental footprints related to maintenance and operational work. Moreover, the company has put forward the goal of sourcing 100% of its electricity for offices and data centres from renewable source by 2025. According to the EPA, the current use of green power made by eBay is equal to the “annual electricity use of nearly 23,000 average American homes”.
Furthermore, between 2018-2019, eBay brought down its overall emissions by 16% and ramped up by 24% its “renewable energy supply”, whereby achieving 64% “renewable energy globally”, in fact many of its offices are already running on 100% renewable energy.
While, eBay informed:
“Our membership in the EPA Green Power Partnership is another step on our sustainability path”.
In the word of the Programme Manager for EPA’s “Green Power Partnership”, James Critchfield:
“EPA applauds eBay for its commitment to using green power and for taking a leadership position on the environment. eBay is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provides an excellent example for other businesses to invest in environmental progress.”