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Wood Green Equips Its Lone Worker With SkyGuards’ Safety Alarm


MySOS comes to the rescue of lone workers.

Dailycsr.com – 25 November 2016 – Wood Green in an animal welfare organisation which provide its lone workers with the personal alarms of Skyguard, MySOS which has won award.
The MySOS device can be fitted within the palm, whereby allowing the users to summon help just by pressing on the alarm button. Moreover, the device is equipped with “two-way audio” as well as GPS. As a result, help can never be far away as the “incident management centre” of Skyguard promptly direct the location of the users to the emergency responders, without losing any time.
In the words of the Protection and Welfare Services Manager at Wood Green, Tom O’Connell:
“With the reputation of being the leading brand of lone working safety devices and response support, I felt confident and assured that we were placing the safety of our staff in professional hands”.
“With the easy to use and innovative devices backed up by fully trained, professional response staff, the choice really was straightforward.”