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Women's Foodservice Forum Recognise Griffith Foods’ Purchasing Director


Mayper has committed to work on building “cross-functional relationships”.

Dailycsr.com – 17 March 2021 – Women's Foodservice Forum, in short WFF, recognised Kerri Mayper’s work.
Mayper is the purchasing director at “Griffith Foods North America”, while she has committed to work on building “cross-functional relationships”. Her efforts yielded into the creation of “a commercialization scorecard” besides driving a “regional process” that nurtures “continuous improvement” and engaging “shared learnings and best practices within the purchasing community” on a global scale.
The purchasing director maintains a “strong work ethic” and has shown her true passion of “creating an inclusive culture” while she leads authentically. Furthermore, her actions are enriched by a purpose which connects “business objectives to everyday execution”. Expressing their gratitude, Griffith Foods wrote in their blog:
“Thank you WFF for recognizing one of our amazing women leaders!”