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Women Rule The Panel At Arrow’s Business Leadership Meet


Arrow values a “corporate culture” enriched with “diversity” and are open to “such conversations”.

Dailycsr.com – 28 October 2016 – The employees at Arrow Electronics came together in the Denver headquarters to be a part of a “business leadership panel” which features “four senior Arrow women executives”.
The panels discussed a wide range of topic that included subjects like “communication style, mentoring, diversity, inclusion, career strategy and success”. Here are the names of the four panel members, as mentioned by the Ethical Performance:
  • Cathy Morris – Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Gretchen Zech – Senior VP of Global Human Resources
  • Raime Leeby-Muhle – Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer for Arrow’s Global Components business
  • Lisa Gerber – ECS Finance Director
Following the discussions of the panels, the said members along with the attendees got the chance to “network at a happy hour” which took place at the headquarters premise of Arrow, in the “Arrow Innovator’s Club Lounge”.
The host of the event came from the “Arrow Young Professionals organization” which is a “collaborative group” driven by the employees for providing “regular development and networking opportunities” to the employees at Arrow.  After sitting at the “Arrow Young Professionals steering committee” and helping to organise the above mentioned event, Kirsten Lonnquist, stated:
“We had a fantastic turnout that resulted in a very engaging discussion. It’s inspiring to work in a corporate culture that values diversity and encourages such conversations. Senior executives like Cathy, Gretchen, Raime and Lisa certainly set a wonderful example.”