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Whirlpool To Start Child Care Facility To Help Its Employees


Providing for the employee needs for a “balanced life” is of “paramount” importance at Whirlpool.

Dailycsr.com – 12 October 2018 – Whirlpool Corporation has committed towards creating “an attractive workplace”, whereby it has revealed that it will start a “child care facility” sponsored by the employers which will work to help the local parents of Whirlpool Corporation community
The said step was taken by the company based on a survey result conducted by Whirlpool Corporation which attempted to take a closer look to the “childcare needs of its employees”. According to the survey, there was a “significant need” for “an on site employee child care facility” for its employees of “Benton Charter Township-Benton Harbor-St. Joseph area”, whereby the Global Human Resources’ Vice-President at Whirlpool Corporation, Carey Martin stated:
“We listen to our employees and we take their needs seriously. Providing our employees with the support they require to maintain a balanced life and take care of their families is paramount.”
“This is an exciting development for our employees. World-class companies offer onsite employer-sponsored childcare and we made the decision that we should too. It’s important to our employees. The provider can match our hours of operation and offer the ability of our employees to see their children during the work day. We see this not only as an opportunity to support our existing employees, but to attract new talent to Whirlpool”.
Whirlpool Corporation considers people to be its “greatest asset” therefore addressing their needs enable them to come forth with their “individual and collective talents” which in turn nurtures a “winning culture and creates competitive advantage”.
Taking the matter at hand to create “an on site employee child care facility”, Whirlpool Corporation turned to KinderCare for providing care after “extensive review”, as the latter has carved a known place for itself in the industry for providing the children an encouraging environment for learning, “high-quality early childhood education and care programs”. The president of “KinderCare and KinderCare Education at Work”, Wei-Li Chong said:
“KinderCare is honored to work with Whirlpool and other great employers that believe culture is the heartbeat of the workplace. Child care is a key building block of culture and we’re honored to support Whirlpool families by providing the very best care and education for their children. The future of the workforce starts with every child.”
The Whirlpool Corporation has engaged itself with the “Benton Township”, whereby the “Benton Charter Township Superintendent, Kelli Smith remarked:
“We are proud to have Whirlpool Corporation World Headquarters in our township supporting high quality child care” said Kelli Smith, Benton Charter Township Superintendent.
As per the plans, the Whirlpool Corporation aims to open the “child care facility” by September 2019.