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Viacom & WITNESS Speaks Through Digital Inspiration To Bring In a Global Change


The campaign ‘WITNESS the Power of Story” reaches out to the audiences to inspire the world in bringing in a positive change.

Dailycsr.com – 12 December 2015 – Viacom Inc. and WITNESS have launched the “WITNESS the Power of Story” in a collaborative campaign. The latter is a “global human rights organization” which had been co-founded by the musician, Peter Gabriel, in an attempt to inspire the world to bring in a change using the “power of video”.
The campaign of PSA brings with it “customized spots” for entire Viacom brands which corresponds with the “unique audiences and specific initiatives” like:
“MTV and its multi-year, anti-bias “Look Different” campaign, CMT’s Empowering Education, VH1 Save The Music Foundation, BET Celebrating Young African American Men and Spike’s Veterans Operation Wellness (VOW)”.
The spots encourage public to halt a while and “witness the power of visual storytelling” wherein videos highlighting “each brand’s social efforts” are featured through projecting them onto “iconic buildings in New York over a 2-day period”. While, this was on, another camera caught the “organic reactions of passersby” who witnessed the projections.
Each spot calls on the viewers to a “newly created co-branded website”, being witness.viacom.com, wherein they are encouraged to use their cell-phone cameras and share their stories through Instagram with the hash-tag of #Story4Change. In the words of the C.E.O cum the President at Viacom, Philippe Dauman:
“As a global media and entertainment company, Viacom has a unique opportunity to tell stories that spark movements. Our brands have long served as megaphones to raise our audiences’ voices on important issues. We are excited to join forces with WITNESS to give others the tools to use video to make a positive impact.”
While, the Co-founder of WITNESS, Peter Gabriel adds:
“Our goal at WITNESS is not only to support people using video to promote social change, but also educate them on how to maximize the effectiveness of video. Our partnership with Viacom will help many more people understand the importance of filming as a tool for meaningful change.”
Viacom houses “a portfolio” for “global media brands” which reach out to a “diverse and distinct” audience on a global scale with their “compelling content”, covering more than hundred sixty countries, whereby Viacom believes:
“Our mission is to be the world’s leading branded entertainment company across television, motion pictures, online and digital media platforms”.
Moreover, BusinessWire writes about WITNESS:
“WITNESS is an international human rights organization that creates tools, provides training and resources, and advocates for systemic changes for a new generation of human rights defenders around the world to make the most of video and related technologies. Our mission is to support human rights activists to be safe and effective when they document abuses and expose them to the world”.