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Valvoline Global and Cummins Inc.: 30 Years of Collaborative Automotive and Industrial Solutions


Valvoline Global, a leading global provider of automotive and industrial solutions, and Cummins Inc., a prominent global leader in power solutions, have reached a significant milestone in their enduring collaboration. This year commemorates three decades of a robust partnership between these renowned brands, which has consistently propelled both entities forward.
Since 1994, Valvoline Global and Cummins have joined forces, leveraging their expertise in both fieldwork and laboratory research to develop complementary products. Working seamlessly as a unified team, Cummins engineers and manufactures cutting-edge engines, generators, and power systems, while Valvoline Global pioneers innovative lubricants and fluid solutions to complement these advancements. This collaboration ensures that customers benefit from a synergy of premium products meticulously designed to optimize performance.
Jamal Muashsher, CEO of Valvoline Global, expressed pride in the enduring partnership, emphasizing Valvoline's commitment to ongoing innovation across various fuel technologies. Muashsher highlighted the company's dedication to providing lubricants, fluids, and sustainable solutions that align with Cummins' evolving product offerings.
Tony Satterthwaite, Senior Vice President of Cummins Inc., underscored the tangible benefits for customers, including enhanced equipment efficiency, reliability, and cost savings through extended oil change intervals. Satterthwaite also noted the potential for reduced total cost of ownership for fleet managers, thanks to product consolidation and optimized oil-to-engine usage.
The collaboration's success was further recognized by Heavy Duty Trucking, which honored Premium Blue One Solution™ Gen2 as a top innovative product. This industry-first technology, compatible with various engine types and fuel sources, extends drain intervals for both diesel and natural gas platforms.
Looking ahead, Valvoline Global and Cummins are committed to sustained excellence and growth, poised to expand their impact on global automotive and industrial sectors. Joint ventures in emerging markets, such as the Cummins-Valvoline partnership in India, have demonstrated remarkable results, further underscoring the potential for future success and community support.