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Unveiling of 'Open Doors: Vietnam POWs' Exhibit by CACI International Inc Honors Veterans and Celebrates 50th Anniversary


During the unveiling of a sponsored exhibit at the Coronado Historical Association Museum in California on March 28, CACI International Inc commended prisoners of war (POWs) for their dedicated service, sacrifices, and indomitable spirit. CACI has a longstanding partnership with the Armed Forces in the realm of national security, employing numerous veterans, reservists, National Guard members, and military spouses throughout its history of over 60 years working with the Department of Defense.
Titled "Open Doors: Vietnam POWs 50 Years of Freedom," the exhibit showcases the bravery and determination of POWs through a collection of photographs and interviews. Originally acquired by CACI in 2006, the exhibit was prominently displayed at the company's former Arlington headquarters for more than 15 years. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the homecoming of Vietnam POWs, CACI generously donated the exhibit back to the museum this year.
“The images, stories, and perspectives of these heroes have touched and inspired us at CACI for many years. We are pleased that so many others will now have an opportunity to experience this exhibit,” said John Mengucci, CACI’s President and CEO.
“We know they, too, will draw inspiration from their patriotism, their unyielding strength, and their triumph over adversity.”
Attendees at the inauguration included relatives of deceased POWs and former POWs such as Cmdr. Everett Alvarez, U.S. Navy (ret.), and Capt. John "Jack" Ensch, U.S. Navy (ret.), who are prominently featured in the "Open Doors" exhibit.
The sponsorship of the exhibit was made possible through CACI's philanthropy program, CACI Cares, which is dedicated to providing support and recognition to our military personnel and their families, including veterans.
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