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Unlocking Human Potential: Cisco’s Journey Towards Digital Inclusion and Future Skills


I was raised in a quaint town, where my mother served as an aide to the city administrator. Our telephone would often ring, and I would listen to my mother address the concerns of our townsfolk. She was always attentive and made everyone feel valued. Her problem-solving skills were remarkable and left a deep impact on me. This ethos of service and inclusivity is exactly what we embody in Cisco’s Digital Impact Office, which includes the Cisco Networking Academy and Country Digital Acceleration.

The essence of our work is to connect more individuals to the digital economy.

The Digital Impact Office is a reflection of Cisco’s mission to foster an inclusive future for all. Our collaborative efforts through Country Digital Acceleration and Cisco Networking Academy have positively impacted communities worldwide. Our contributions align with Cisco’s goal to positively affect one billion people globally by FY2025. The combined efforts of Cisco Networking Academy and Country Digital Acceleration bring digital inclusion to life. We initiate transformative projects worldwide, establishing the foundation for broadband connectivity and paving the way for Smart Cities.

Ultimately, our goal is to connect more individuals to the digital economy. Digital inclusion involves investing in infrastructure and skills, making future job opportunities accessible to all, regardless of location. Cisco is uniquely positioned to collaborate with organizations and communities aiming to build a more inclusive future.

Digital Impact is synonymous with community
Digital inclusion invites us to engage in broader discussions about community. For instance, Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration doesn’t focus on creating a product or selling one; instead, it’s about extending an invitation and meeting people where they are. Listening to real-life experiences helps us comprehend the challenges individuals encounter daily. Our work enables our partners to reach beyond their organizational boundaries, bringing entire communities along on this journey of digital inclusion. The impact stories are truly inspiring, such as the Autonomous Living Project.
The Autonomous Living Project, backed by Cisco’s technology, offers a solution for those in need of lifelong assistance. This technology fosters an inclusive community for everyone, including the elderly, differently-abled individuals, and those with lifelong care needs. The pilot program, based in Ontario, Canada, supports individuals and families in their current situations and revolutionizes service delivery.

Cisco’s technology propels, expands, and transforms service delivery to facilitate independent living through smart alerts and integration of smart devices. This technology is a result of inclusive design.

Developed by Cisco Country Digital Acceleration in collaboration with various organizations, the Autonomous Living Project currently assists individuals with special needs and their caregivers. When we design with inclusion in mind, everyone benefits. This is just the start.

Connecting individuals to future skills and jobs
There’s an undeniable buzz driven by a commitment to comprehensive digital inclusion. Central to Cisco’s mission is the drive to accelerate digital transformation and connect people to future job opportunities. Cisco Networking Academy plays a pivotal role in this digital impact narrative, positively influencing lives by promoting inclusive socio-economic development. Over its 25-year history, more than 20.5 million global learners have enrolled in Cisco Networking Academy courses to acquire digital skills.

As one of the most successful IT skills-to-jobs programs globally, Cisco Networking Academy plays a crucial role in establishing enduring partnerships within communities. It’s a game-changer in bridging the digital divide and learning sought-after skills. Networking Academy students secure sustainable jobs and drive their communities’ digital transformation. In fact, globally, 95% of students who have taken Cisco certification-aligned courses attribute their job or educational opportunities to Cisco Networking Academy.

Digital inclusion, driven by the efforts of Cisco Networking Academy and Country Digital Acceleration, results in increased opportunities for individuals worldwide. Reflecting on our journey so far inspires me, and I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead. In communities where Cisco is a trusted partner, we have the power to unlock human potential, which inspires us all.