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Towards A 'Decarbonized Future'


The temporary "emission reduction due to the COVID-19 lockdown" is not a significant one.

Dailycsr.com - 15 January 2021 - Taking climate risk related actions has become more imperative now than ever before amid the COVID-19 pandemic upsetting global functions. Progress made in the line of emissions reductions over the "past few decades" in order to curb global warming haven't been enough. However, the temporary "emission reduction due to the COVID-19 lockdown" is not a significant one to affect the emissions trajectory in a significant manner. According to  Schneider Electric:
"It is estimated that we are well on our way to a globe that will be over 3 degrees Celsius hotter, which means irreversible and catastrophic damage to our planet and living."

However, we can be hopeful for 2021 not only in terms of conquering the battle against the pandemic with vaccine but also for the opportunities present for recovering "stronger" by taking lessons from pandemic experience besides drawing the courage to "envision a future". A future where we build "our crisis-response capacities" towards a "decarbonized future". This optimism is fueled by the "multi-billion funds" that have been dedicated towards "green recovery" as well as to accelerate "climate actions" especially on the part of "corporations" and "investors". Furthermore, the next COP26 meet is also scheduled to be held in 2021, which brings us to speculate that:
"will it (2021) finally be the year of climate action breakthrough?"

The question to companies can "get ahead" still remains to be answered. It is to seek the answers to these questions and to explore further in this line that Schneider Electric is organising a webinar on Thursday, January 28, 2021 from "10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST". The webinar is titled "Climate Action in 2021: The Year Of Breakthroughs?"

Those who are interested can join the webinar by clicking on the link mentioned here to register for the event:

Giving a preview of the areas that will be covered in the above mentioned event, Schneider Electric added:
"During this session, we’ll discuss how companies have successfully taken leadership on climate action. Walk away with clear, actionable steps to help you speed up on your climate journey and build resilience within your organization."