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‘Tobacco Control Program’ Addresses Some Of The Toughest Social Issues


Motivating people to quit smoking not only saves lives but also prevents suffering, as Macheal Bloomberg’s contribution in this endeavour earned him the fifth spot of most promising gift.

Dailycsr.com – 30 November 2017 – It is the ‘fifth most promising’ gift of over ‘$25M’ from “Tobacco Control Program” of “Bloomberg Philanthropies” targeting ‘tough social problems’ of 2016.
As reported by Kerry A. Dolan, a large scale fortune will produce a large gift especially when “prominent philanthropists and foundations” are putting up “$25 million-plus” for tackling various “problems” triggered by “poverty, disease, substandard education and more”. Dolan informs that:
“Boston's Bridgespan Group found 74 such gifts in 2016, totaling $6.7 billion. Its panel of outside experts then ranked the 10 most promising”.
Micheal Bloomberg has received a tie on the fifth spot for its recent donation of “$360 million towards tobacco control”. This amount leads up his contribution to “$600 million” starting from the year of 2007, while the ex-mayor of New York put up goals of reducing the use of tobacco in “developing countries”. As a result, through this initiative, there is an aim of saving as many as “100 million lives by 2050”.
In Bloomberg’s words:
“Reducing tobacco use is one of our greatest opportunities to save lives and prevent suffering, because we know that strong policies really do make a difference…”.
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