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The importance of investing in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure


The importance of investing in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
The infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly evolving, aided by government-led green initiatives and increased demand and supply of electric vehicles. From planning and site selection to transaction management, financing, procurement, installation, and management and maintenance of EV charging locations, our EV practice offers comprehensive end-to-end capabilities. For fleets, automotive companies, retailers, multifamily, corporate occupiers, and commercial real estate investors, the global practice provides expertise in EV charging infrastructure.

Whether you are evaluating your existing real estate's energy footprint or reimagining the future for your portfolio, our team will bring together the right experts and solutions to address your challenges and help you realize the potential of your real estate.

Important EV Charging Issues
  1. What are the different types of charging and which is best for your property?
  2. How many chargers will you need to install and where will they be placed?
  3. What impact will your infrastructure have, how much energy will you require, and where will it come from?
  • Expert Advice and Strategic Planning
We are familiar with the landscape and will collaborate with you to optimize your EV charging options and locations. We manage one-time and ongoing transactions with the help of our transaction managers' expertise and oversight, as well as the local execution of our field brokers.
  • Strategy for Incentives, Financing, and Procurement
Energy financing and charging can be complicated and costly. Furthermore, navigating the vast array of charging network providers can be daunting. Our team will collaborate with you to identify the appropriate incentives, financing options, and charging providers.
  • Program Management and Installation Experience
Our team serves as a single point of contact to assess your energy needs, manage the procurement process, leverage strategic partnerships, and supervise installation from start to finish. We use our global platform to bring together the right teams and solutions to meet your EV charging installation needs, delivering value while ensuring your business and environmental goals align with the project budget and timeline.
  • Asset Performance and Energy Efficiency
We provide a comprehensive, data-driven approach to turn-key asset and energy management. Because our programmatic methodology aligns with your business and portfolio strategies, you benefit from lower business risk, faster time to savings, and net-zero, with the option of no "out-of-pocket" capital. We help you realise total cost of ownership (TCO) savings in the range of 11-15% and meet carbon emission reduction commitments with our integrated approach.
EV Charging Infrastructure in the US
We oversaw the nation's largest installation program, with over 1,200 charging stations installed at over 220 locations. By program managing procurement - SemaConnect, leveraging leading technology from preparation to close-out, and providing maintenance support, we provided an integrated solution for Electrify America's 10-year zero-emission plan.