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The Unemployed Youth of Phoenix To Find A platform Through ‘Opportunity Fair & Forum’


The “Opportunity Fair & Forum” to initiate job opportunities for the young adults of Phoenix.

Dailycsr.com – 22 September 2015 – The first ever “Opportunity Fair & Forum” held at Chicago took the country by a sweep of meaningful impact. As a result, the “100,000 Opportunities Initiative” announced that the next fair will be held on the 30th of October 2015 at Phoenix, trying their level best to involve “America’s opportunity youth” who are “16-24-year-olds” unemployed and are not receiving any education. The said category roughly covers “5.6 million people in the U.S”. The initiative coalition has thirty three leading company members of the United States.
The chairman of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, who also co-founded the “Schultz Family Foundation” remarks:

“Chicago marked an important milestone in our efforts to put America’s underserved youth on a pathway to employment. As we look ahead to Phoenix, where one in five youth is not in school or employed, we have a critical opportunity to accelerate our collective hiring efforts and create meaningful lifelong opportunities for all. I truly believe that these young men and women represent the most significant untapped source of productivity and talent for our economy, and America’s leading companies are ready to hire them.”
While, CVS Health’s C.E.O cum president, Larry Merlo, stated:
“The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative is playing a vital role in connecting young people with meaningful jobs. As we saw in Chicago, the Fair gave young people the chance to meet and interview with recruiters from a wide array of companies, including CVS Health, and in turn, provided the participating employers with the opportunity to engage with incredibly smart, energetic and talented individuals. We know that today’s young people are the business leaders of tomorrow, and as we prepare for the Phoenix Hiring Fair, we are even more committed to introducing youth to careers in pharmacy and health care, and arming them with the tools they’ll need to succeed in their careers and in life.”
In the Walgreens president, Alex Gourlay’s words:
“We are proud to join with other great American brands to broaden opportunity for young men and women and provide access to the training, skills development and experience needed to build a strong workforce and growing economy. For more than a century, Walgreens has grown its business on a tradition of recruiting young talent and building professional career paths that can take them to the company’s highest ranks.”
As per statistical data, all through the country every one in seven “young adults” are unemployed or do not “attend school”. But in Phoenix, the same ration is true for one in five, which proves to be the highest rate of “youth disengagement” across “the largest 25 cities in America”. The Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton said:

“Phoenix is a strong indicator for the larger crisis facing our nation when it comes to engaging opportunity youth. While the statistics are sobering, our city is seeing a small but powerful groundswell of civic, community and elected leaders that are working hard to give youth in Phoenix the type of meaningful job and educational opportunities they deserve. The business leadership driving the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative will help take our city’s efforts to even greater heights and bring more attention to the magnitude of this issue and its impact on the rest of the country.”