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The North Face Sources ‘Cali Wool’ Beanie’s Raw Material From ‘Carbon Farming’


Carbon farming of Fibershed offsets annual carbon emission of around “865 passenger vehicles”.

Dailycsr.com – 20 November 2017 – SDG has attained “increased focus” in the year of 2017, as the companies using their creativity to “lead the charge” are coming under scrutiny. Various corporate bodies are making an effort to bring in an improvement in their “supply chain”. However, their respective progresses in made in this line are not often communicated with the “product level” consumers.
Altering the state, one company has recently come up with a “supply chain innovation” and has designed a product, in order to share the “initiative with consumers in an easy, accessible way”. Fibershed is an organisation focussed on “regional textile production”, whereby the North Face has added the former’s name in its list of partnership ventures.
As a result, North Face is now helping Fibershed by funding a plan of “carbon farming” which is located in farm based out of California. Small changes are being made to transfer the ranch into a production ground of wool that are “climate beneficial”. The changes include “planting short-term crops, layering compost and planting more trees”. The wool, thus produced, is “used in the new ‘Cali Wool’ beanie”.
Obtaining the results from the pilot project, the ranch is set to “remove 4,068 metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere” on an annual basis, whereby an equivalent annual carbon emission of “865 passenger vehicles” will be neutralised. In the words of The North Face’s Senior Sustainability Manager, James Rogers:
“Generally, in trying to be more sustainable, you are reducing the environmental impact, or being ‘less bad’. This is an example of actually being ‘more good,’ where the product is actually part of the solution.”