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The List of ‘2018 Houston Power 50 award’ Has Been Announced


Recognising the female leadership for their impact and influence, exemplifying contribution.

Dailycsr.com – 28 February 2018 – In an announcement, the Texas Diversity Magazine revealed about the “2018 Houston Power 50 award”, whereby the list awards recognition to women with “insight and leadership” shaping their industry future.
These women are inspiration to other women as they continue on their journey of excelling and influencing. The said list is includes names of “female executives, influencers and achievers” for their impact, inspiration as well as influence on other women for taking up the same path.
In the words of the Chairperson as well as the Founder of the National Diversity Council, Dennis Kennedy stated:
“The 2018 Houston Power 50 Award honors an amazing group of women that exemplify effective leadership in their industry. We hope their success inspires all women in their industries to continue striving for success.”
Here are the criteria used in the listing of “2018 Houston Power 50 Award”, as mentioned by National Diversity Council:
  • The candidate is regarded as a respected and knowledgeable figure by peers and mentors alike.
  • The candidate demonstrates dedication to community service and empowers other women in achieving their success.
  • The candidate has significant power in her organization and possesses strong leadership skills which have directly benefited her organization
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