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The Introduction Campaign of Upcycled Sunglasses From Waste Marine Debris Receives ‘Overwhelming’ Support


Bureo’s second innovative recycling campaign, which strives to clean up marine environment from plastic pollutants, raised its fund within just five hours! Now they have surplus!

Dailycsr.com – 15 September 2015 – Bureo is a starup, based at Chile which began functioning in the year of 2013. It has been reported that the coming began with a bang whereby the company’s first campaign was “incredibly successful”. The startup project of Bureo dealt with gathering plastic waste from the coastline and the marine waters of Chile. The waste plastics, consisting of mainly “plastic fishing nets”, were then recycled into skateboards, under the title “The Minnow”.
Bureo’s “Kickstarter campaign” received much appreciation and overwhelming responses. Encouraged by the positive signs, the company has decided to expand its “product range”, whereby venturing into creating “upcycled sunglasses”. The respond to Bureo’s second campaign has totally unexpected, the initial fund raising target of the campaign was “US$30,000”. To everybody’s surprise, the target was achieved just within five hours of the campaign being launched. At present, the fund collected amounts to more than “US$114,000”.
Ben Kneppers and David Stover are the co-founders of Bureo and the brain behind its campaigns. It is they, who conceived the “overarching vision” of lending a helping hand to remove marine debris, whereby they began their “Net Positiva”, an initiative that recovered fishing net debris from the “coastal communities” of Chile and processed the same through “recycling programme”. Net Positiva is an all encompassing vision that looks forward to involve “local fishermen” in the process, who could come up with local solutions to “growing problem of marine plastic pollution”. Till date, the project team has recovered “10 tonnes of discarded fishing net material”.
As mentioned earlier, the fund raising campaign accumulated nearly four percent more than the set target, while the scheduled period of campaign was still due to carry on for “more than two weeks”. Indeed, this marks a overwhelming success for Bureo, while the company recounts about their last year’s project:
“Since launching Bureo last year we have had a tremendous response to the project. We were able to deliver the first production run by September 2014, and have expanded our distribution over the last 11 months. Since introduction of our boards into the market, we have grown from one retail outlet carrying our boards to over 90 in five continents”.
According to Bureo, it is “on a mission to find innovative solutions” to handle the plastic debris from polluting the oceans. However, the company also focuses on products that have quality, long life and are recyclable. In this manner Bureo attempts to send positive message to future generation and captivate their attention to inspire them towards “a cleaner tomorrow”.
Moreover, talking about the upcoming upcycled sunglasses Bureo informs SB:
“We have collaborated with Karun Eyewear in Chile to develop a unique collection (The Ocean Collection) constructed from 100 percent recycled fishing nets. All of the materials used in production can be traced back to our recycling program in Chile, where the materials are collected and recycled within Chile. Recycled materials are then injected into the frames in Italy, where we are working with industry-leading facilities. Karun brings experience and a unique approach in the eyewear industry, through which they have studied natural elements of whales to incorporate natural design elements into the Ocean Collection. The design for each sunglass model is directly connected to a whale species that exists off the coast of Chile”.