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The First Ever Listed Carbon Credits of Colorado Ranches


SCS verifies carbon offset data, while the EDF Facilitation comes with credits that were purchased on Microsoft’s behalf.

Dailycsr.com – 21 July 2018 – The “Southern Plains Land Trust” is working with the “Environmental Defense Fund”, whereby the former has sold the “first listed grassland carbon credits”.
This steps makes it possible to restore as well as preserve two of Colorado’s ranches which jointly “sequester 8,000 metric tons of soil carbon” over a period of a year. The carbon offset project was verified by a third party, namely SCS Global Services. After the verification it was confirmed that the accuracy of the emissions reductions figures and its “compliance with the Climate Action Reserve’s Grassland Project Protocol” were credible.
The above mentioned project was partly funded by a “USDA Conservation Innovation Grant”. For further information, kindly visit:
While additional information on the “verified carbon offset projects” can be obtained at: