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The Annual CITGO E-Recycle Day Returns


Hundreds of people “save their unwanted electronics specifically for CITGO E-Recycle Day”.

Dailycsr.com – 23 March 2020 – At the annual “CITGO E-Recycle Day”, which took place on March 16, 2020, the residents of Southwest Louisiana in hundreds brought their “unwanted electronics” at the parking lot of McNesse Cowboy Stadium for recycling. The said event was organised by the “CITGO Lake Charles Refinery” while the “City of Lake Charles, McNeese State University, Waste Management, Team Green of Southwest Louisiana and the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury” came to support the same.
Through this event the residents get the chance to “recycle their unwanted electronics” such as “TVs, cell phones, computers, batteries, household items containing mercury, and other consumer electronics” without any cost. This year, the event collected “approximately 4.5 semitrailers, 788 light bulbs, 27.5 pounds of mercury and 250 pounds of batteries”. In the words of the Vice President as well as the General Manager of “CITGO Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex”, Jerry Dunn:
“Today we hosted our twelfth CITGO E-Recycle Day and witnessed hundreds of residents take time out of their weekend to help us take care of our environment. We are excited to see that so many people save their unwanted electronics specifically for CITGO E-Recycle Day. We are invigorated by the passion our community has in being good environmental stewards and are happy to continue to provide this recycling opportunity.”
CITGO E-Recycle Day takes place alternately in “Lake Charles and Sulphur” cities on an annual basis, whereby the respective residents gets to conveniently recycle without any chare. According to the CITGO Petroleum Corporation’s press release:
“Since 2009, CITGO E-Recycle Day has kept more than 421 tons of electronic waste out of landfills. CITGO E-Recycle Day is one of many initiatives sponsored by CITGO as part of its commitment to a cleaner and healthier environment, now and for future generations”.