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Tellurian Inc awards Baker Hughes advanced zero emission advanced natural gas transmission project


This is Baker Hughe’s first ever ICL decarbonization pipeline compression technology project in North America.

Tellurian Inc awards Baker Hughes advanced zero emission advanced natural gas transmission project
In a statement Tellurian Inc and American have announced that Tellurian’s subsidiary Driftwood Pipeline LLC, has awarded a contract to Baker Hughes to provide electric-powered Integrated Compressor Line (ICL) technology and turbomachinery equipment for a natural gas transmission project, proposed to be located in Beauregard and Calcasieu Parishes, in southwest Louisiana.

“This landmark project and technology will eliminate nearly all emissions for the proposed project, which Tellurian is developing to supply natural gas to a constrained capacity area. We value Baker Hughes’ expertise and look forward to partnering on delivering cleaner solutions for an energy hungry world,” said Tellurian president and CEO, Octávio Simões.

Joey Mahmoud, President of Tellurian Pipelines, went on to add, “We anticipate the project will supply upwards of five and one-half billion cubic feet of natural gas daily, with virtually no emissions. Tellurian is doing its part by making this initial $240 million pipeline investment as part of the broader Driftwood Pipeline system which will provide enhanced supply reliability to meet the area’s projected industrial growth in a cleaner, more sustainable manner.”

The contracts marks the first time Baker Hughes installing its ICL decarbonization technology for pipeline compression in North America.

Initially, the project will include four 19 megawatt (MW) ICL compressors and other turbomachinery equipment for a total of four compressor trains, as well as a LM6000PF+ gas turbine for backup power for the initial phase of the pipeline project at Driftwood’s Indian Bayou Compressor Station.

“Our customers around the world are pressing for decarbonization solutions now, especially as they seek to provide both energy security and more sustainable natural gas supplies in the years to come,” said Rod Christie, executive vice president of Turbomachinery & Process Solutions at Baker Hughes.

He went on to add, “Our zero-emissions ICL technology is already reducing the climate footprint of pipeline projects in many regions that deliver vital gas supplies, and now we are bringing it to North America, a region crucial to meeting global natural gas demand.”

Baker Hughes’ portfolio includes technologies that contribute to lower the carbon footprint across the natural gas supply chain, a critical path for the energy transition.

Its ICL zero-emissions integrated compressor  offers a significantly reduced footprint and weight, along with improved operational flexibility and availability compared to legacy electric motor driven trains.

Incidentally, this project marks the technology’s first U.S. application wherein more than 50 units have been installed across a variety of applications including pipeline and offshore. The compressors are built with hermetically sealed casing ensuring no emissions, and lead to minimal downtime since it employs magnetic bearings which are free of oil leading to more efficient operations, minimized maintenance an increased reliability.

About Tellurian Inc
Tellurian aims to to create value for shareholders by developing low-cost, global natural gas business, profitably delivering natural gas to global customers.

Tellurian is in the process of creating a natural gas production portfolio, LNG marketing and trading, and infrastructure that includes an around 27.6 mtpa LNG export facility and an associated pipeline.

Houston, Texas based Tellurian and its common stock is listed on the NYSE American under the symbol “TELL”.

For more information, please visit www.tellurianinc.com

About Baker Hughes
Baker Hughes is an energy technology company that provides global solutions to energy and industrial customers.

With more than a century of experience and it conducts business in over 120 countries.

Its innovative technologies and services are taking energy forward by making it cleaner, safer, and more efficient for consumers as well as the planet.

For more information, please visit bakerhughes.com