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Sustainability Finds Place In Business Course Curriculum


Business management education incorporates sustainability as a subject.

Dailycsr.com – 11 April 2017 – Sustainability is being incorporated into “business practices” in various forms that is redefining corporate strategies, while the schools of business are “adapting their programmes” accordingly, whereby making preparing the candidates as better “sustainability professionals” for a better future. In fact, the “McGill University” of Montreal could be held as “a good example” for the same.
The McGill University has now added a sustainability management curriculum which is being taught by the professors of “business, environment, and geography”. Business perspectives need to be viewed in relation to various “scientific findings and environmental theory”. Therefore, students who op to go through the “interdisciplinary course” as a major subject, can select the option of “an internship, a real-world consultancy, or a research project” that would sum up their “their sustainability education”.
In fact, Ethical Performance reports that according to the Director of the School’s “Desautels Institute for Integrated Management”, Steve Maguire, “employers are increasingly looking for graduates who are knowledgeable in all aspects of sustainability”.
While, John Howell adds:
“The program seems to be working. According to Dr. Maguire, graduates are landing jobs in business consultancy and environmental advocacy”.