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Sustainability Acts Generates New Profession In Healthcare Industry


Doctors report the benefits of a medical scribe.

Dailycsr.com – 29 November 2016 – EMR, meaning “electronic medical records”, is a newly coined acronym, that needs to be added in the Sustainability and CSR fields’ alphabets. The healthcare providers were given a span of five years by the “American Recovery and Reinvestments Act of 2009”, wherein they had to come up with a “meaningful” demonstration that shows the EMR use.
Through the EMR one could maintain the doctors’ “Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement levels”. Following this act, there has been an “explosive growth in tech innovation” that caters to healthcare industry’s need for EMR, whereby giving birth to “an entirely new profession: medical scribe”.
During the examination time, scribes’ job is to enter data in real time, just as the doctors speak. In this manner, the doctors could concentrate on face to face interaction with their patients. As per the doctors’ report who use scribe, they feel better satisfaction as their focus can be solely devoted to their patients, while the computer screen do not steal away some of it. While, Ethical Performance reports that:
“There’s a plus at the bottom line, too.”
According to a new study, involving cardiologists who employed scribes, it was found that the doctors attended to “9.6 percent more patients” on an hourly basis. When the same has been translated into monetary value, there was a “$1.4 million” increment in the annual revenue of each cardiologists.