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Supporting Professional Education To Drive ‘Sustainable Development’


CLP Group recounts its Sustainability Group manager’s experience in WBCSD course.

Dailycsr.com – 09 July 2018 – The CLP Group is taking part in the “World Business Council for Sustainable Development”, short WBCSD, an “intensive” course for business executives, whereby it prepares them to take on “sustainability challenges” and recognise the sustainable “opportunities”. The course began in 2004 and its duration is for twelve months.
The CLP Groups’ Manager of “Group Sustainability”, Kit Fong Law is taking up the above WBCSD course in order to find a better navigation method for communicating the company’s “sustainable development and report to stakeholders”. In her words:
 “Communication is an important element of sustainable development because advances in technologies enable news – both good and bad – to travel further and faster than ever. This provides opportunities but also creates risks that never existed before”.
The programme is conducted in collaboration with Yale University and features three modules, whereby by the midterm of the course, participants come together to “exchange their learning” and take back “new insights” from the academics as well as experts of “Lancaster University, University of Oxford, University of London and the Islamic Reporting Initiative”.
According to Ms Law, for a week long, the panels stressed on the point that business institutions need to “walk the talk” or else, they will not manage to “avoid the pitfall of greenwashing”.
Moreover, businesses impacts reach beyond their financial successes, therefore the participants engaged in a debate on “how sustainability success should be measured”. While, Ms Law added:
“We learned that some companies see financial success as fundamental – and that managing social and environmental impact helps companies manage risks in a complex operating environment. Others see the need for a holistic measurement of business success to take into account non-financial impact”.
CLP always looks forward as a power company as it understands the important role of sustainability in respect to “long-term” business growth and vis a vis the coming generation. As a result, CLP has always shown its support towards educating professionals from varied fields of work ranging from “sustainability to finance and human resources”.
CLP has been with the idea of professionals enrolling into leadership programmes which inspires them to give a concrete shape to their “aspiration and capability” for driving in “sustainable development” on an international platform.
Furthermore, CLP Group informed:
“The scheme, formerly called the Future Leaders Program, has over the years contributed to research into various topics, including integrating strategic sustainability into business decision-making, strategy and innovation, and scaling up business actions on climate change and improving the business case”.