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Strategic Business Model Of Lockheed Martin Earns The Sixth Consecutive ‘Climate A List’ Recognition


Lockheed Martin’s attempts to tackle its carbon footprint integrate “environment, social and governance factors”.

Strategic Business Model Of Lockheed Martin Earns The Sixth Consecutive ‘Climate A List’ Recognition
Dailycsr.com – 31 October 2016 – Lockheed Martin being a sustainability leader continuously attempts to tackle its “carbon footprint”. While, Lockheed Martin’s work in the same field has been recognised by CDP, which awarded the company with a place in the “Climate A List”.
The same designation is equivalent to distinction, which is attributed only to “the top nine percent of participating companies”. Moreover, for six years consecutively, Lockheed Martin has been earning the same “distinction” thanks to its “transparency and implementation” commitments of its “Sustainability Management Plan”.
The plan’s blue print is a “roadmap of initiatives” that integrate “environment, social and governance factors” while running the business.  CDP, earlier called the “Carbon Disclosure Project”, joins business partnership in the latter’s strategy making stages for measuring, managing and reducing their “environmental impacts”. Lockheed Martin’s Senior Vice President of the “Internal Audit, Ethics and Sustainability” section, stated:
“Sustainability is more than a label, it’s Lockheed Martin’s business model for innovation and growth. This recognition from CDP reinforces our accomplishments in driving sustainability in our core practices and cutting-edge technologies.”
It has been fifteen years now that Lockheed Martin’s business model incorporates “climate change impacts”. The above mentioned “ethical and strategic thinking” is proving fruitful for the company as well as its customers. Lockheed Martin’s Vice President of “Energy, Environment, Safety and Health”, Carol Cala, said:
“In 2015 alone, we have avoided an estimated $26 million in energy costs by investing in energy efficiency. And we will continue to create a sustainable future through investments in clean energy and energy efficiency at every level of our operations.”
Amid the opportunities grabbed by Lockheed Martin as part of its continuous exploration for expanding the scope and field of its “sustainability initiative”, here are some of the steps undertaken by the company, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • Signing a17-year power purchase agreement with Duke Energy to provide 30 MW of solar energy to the national grid.
  • Opening a new bioenergy facility in Owego, New York that converts waste into clean energy.
  • Pledging to quadruple on-site renewable generation to 10 MW by the end of 2020 through EPA's Green Power Partnership.