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‘Simple Projects Play A Vital Role In Biodiversity Conservation’


Auto manufacturing industry meets to replenish pollinator garden.

Dailycsr.com – 07 June 2018 – Usually, the rivals in the auto manufacturing industry gather either to boast about their respective achievements in the field of engineering or to re-shape the industry’s future. However, exception does define the norm, for sometimes the rivals of automakers come together simply to do some gardening.
During the quarterly meeting of “Suppliers Partnership for the Environment”, the representatives from various auto manufacturing brands such as “Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Honda,” and Toyota amongst others soiled their hands to replenish a “pollinator garden” located at FCA US’ headquarters campus at North America, Auburn Hills, Michigan.
Pollinators have important role maintain a healthy ecosystem, like pollinators like birds, butterflies and bees even propagate pollen grains and support agricultural activities. However, this symbiotic relationship is declining rapidly. According to the “U.S. Department of Agriculture” pollinators help more than 80% of flowering plants in the world. While, the FCA US’ “Environmental, Health and Safety Lead”, Mark Werthman added:
“Our ‘Wildlife at Work’ team has taken note and is taking action. From bat and bee houses to butterfly waystations, we know these simple projects play a vital role in biodiversity conservation.”
On June 2, 2018, FCA US created its “fourth pollinator garden” while the students from Avondale High School extended their helping hands in the project. FCA employee worked with the students and their family members to plant eighty native species of Michigan, which includes “showy goldenrod, purple coneflower, and gray-headed coneflower”.
It is hoped that the garden thus built will attract butterflies and bees, while there are plans of planting forty Dogwood trees in the month of July.
However, FCA’a commitment is not limited to the boundaries of its headquarters. As a result, it has a membership with the “Wildlife Habitat Council” and with the support of the latter, FCA tracks and promotes “healthy biodiversity” in twelve of its facilities situated in North America. Here is a list of locations, wherein pollinator garden projects are currently taking place, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • Monarch butterfly waystation at Toledo Assembly Complex in Toledo, Ohio
  • Urban honeybee hives at Mack Avenue Engine Plant in Detroit, Michigan
  • Pollinator garden at Warren Stamping Plant in Warren, Michigan
  • Pollinator garden at Sterling Stamping Plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan
In fact, in April 2015, FCA received a “WHC Conservation CertificationSM” for its headquarters. While Werthman further stated:
“We thank our partners, our competitors, and our community for their support and engagement as we build pollinator populations”.