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Seeing Foster Siblings Arrive With Trash Bags Moves Hunter To Help Children At Foster Care


Hunter’s campaign wants to make sure that children moving in and out of foster care have proper arrangements to carry their belongings.

Dailycsr.com – 27 October 2017 – Foster care’s three children, “Halen, Hudson and Holly”, have been adopted into the Beaton family, with “two biological children” with the name of “Hailey and Hunter”.
When Hunter saw that his siblings adopted by his family came home carrying “their belongings in trash bags”, he began a campaign of providing duffel bags to foster care children who are either entering foster care or are being shifted to their new homes.
Increasing the adoption number of foster care children is a commitment of the “Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption”. As per Ethical Performance over “20,000 children age out of foster care each year without being adopted”. The Dave Thomas Foundation mainly work with children in the most risk zone of aging, whereby the foundation strives to find a home for these children so that families can adopt them “before they turn 18”.
However, they also acknowledge that adoption from foster care is not possible for everyone but what is possible is to support their “efforts in foster care adoption”. The foundation invites any kind of support, irrespective of its size. For learning more about how to help the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, kindly visit: