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Schneider Electric Foundation Celebrates 25 Years: Empowering Youth for Sustainable Future


In honor of its 25th anniversary, Schneider Electric, renowned for its leadership in advancing energy management and automation, is initiating a worldwide campaign. This campaign celebrates not only a quarter-century of accomplishments but also the emerging cohort of young leaders dedicated to forging a more equitable, eco-friendly society.
Dubbed "25 Years Young: A Celebration of Youth and 25 Years of Action," this initiative traces back to 1999 when the Schneider Electric Foundation was established with the backing of the Fondation de France. The Foundation has since been a stalwart supporter of change agents propelling sustainable development, fostering social inclusivity, and empowering communities on a global scale. Throughout 2024, the Foundation will spotlight the societal and environmental contributions of young people worldwide while rallying support from company employees. A pinnacle of these festivities will be the unveiling of a global call for contributions in collaboration with Ashoka, the Foundation's partner in social entrepreneurship.
From its inception, the Schneider Electric Foundation has championed positive endeavors aimed at addressing burgeoning social issues, with many of these initiatives being spearheaded by youth from diverse corners of the globe. On its 25th anniversary, the Foundation is extending its support to these young trailblazers, recognizing that by investing in their futures, it secures a brighter tomorrow and facilitates a more equitable transition to sustainable energy.
Under the banner of "Youth Innovation For A Sustainable Future," the call for contributions, in tandem with Ashoka's Changemaker Companies program, seeks to identify and amplify 25 of the most impactful and innovative youth-led projects spanning all continents. This global outreach targets areas such as professional training, entrepreneurship, and equitable transitions, culminating in a 50,000-euro prize for the winning project, to be awarded during the COP29 climate summit in Baku, Azerbaijan. Selected projects will also enjoy heightened visibility across the social media platforms of both Schneider Electric's Foundation and Ashoka's international network.

“The younger generation is playing an influential role in how we shape tomorrow's innovative solutions. From the outset, the SEF has valued the contribution of youth, and therefore, considers the importance of supporting young people to nurture both future generations and our planet,” said Gilles Vermot Desroches, Senior Vice President at Schneider Electric Corporate Citizenship and Institutional Affairs and General delegate of the Schneider Electric Foundation.