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Scentre Group Continues On Sustainable Approaches


The performance highlights of Scentre Group for the year of 2015 show the road maps followed by the company.

Dailycsr.com – 06 May 2016 – Following its sustainability agenda of creating “extraordinary places” that would connect and enrich communities, in the year of 2015, the Scentre Group was focussed on building a “Sustainable Business”.
The company has been steadily cultivating “sustainable business practices” into all aspects of its operations with a deeper value. The “Digital Report” of the Scentre Group gives a detailed picture of the initiatives taken by the company under various fields like “environmental, community and staff” related issues, besides creating “shared value for all”.
Below is a list of Scentre Group’s performance highlights in the year of 2015:
Diversity: Scentre Group has improved its performance in the gender balance to close the gender gap even further. It also introduced diversity initiatives such as awareness on gender bias in recruitment and selection processes to improve the representation of women throughout the workforce. Scentre Group sponsors Exhibition Design: Practice at UTS Sydney fostering tomorrow design talent.
Flexibility: Scentre Group introduced progressive workplace flexibility policies during 2015 which have been wholeheartedly embraced by staff. The policies allow employees to succeed in both work and life, ideally leading to happier and more effective individuals.
Energy Efficiency: In an industry first, Scentre Group has worked with government to deliver voluntary energy and water efficiency ratings across the majority of the Australian portfolio of retail assets to benchmark its assets on energy usage.
People coming together: Scentre Group recognises that connecting with the community is something that goes beyond the walls of its shopping centres. For many years, our staff has found ways to make a difference in the communities where we operate, working for great causes and charitable organisations”.