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SEE's Sustainability Commitment: Advancing Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions


SEE, a global provider of packaging solutions, continues its commitment to sustainability by unveiling the industry's first biobased and industrially compostable tray for protein packaging. This innovative tray, part of SEE's CRYOVAC® brand, is crafted from biobased resin, USDA-certified with 54% biobased content derived from renewable wood cellulose. Unlike traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS) trays used for packaging poultry and red meat, this new tray offers a biodegradable and recyclable alternative.
Designed to meet the rigorous demands of food processing equipment, SEE's compostable tray ensures performance and stability comparable to EPS foam trays. Extensive trials across the food value chain demonstrate its resilience in manufacturing, temperature variations, and distribution environments without compromising strength or integrity.
Certified by BPI as industrially compostable, the tray can be decomposed in large-scale composting facilities. Moreover, the resin utilized is certified by TÜV Austria as both soil and marine biodegradable, ensuring environmental sustainability beyond disposal. SEE will showcase this groundbreaking product at the International Product & Processing Expo (IPPE), marking a significant milestone in setting new standards for sustainable packaging in the poultry, meat, and animal food industries.
“SEE is proud to bring to market the first compostable packaging tray designed to run on existing processor production lines,” said Tobias Grasso, SEE’s President of the Americas Region. “The CRYOVAC® brand compostable overwrap tray is a breakthrough innovation that is better for the environment than traditional trays and helps our customers meet their sustainability goals.” 
Sustainability Commitment
As a component of SEE's overarching dedication to sustainability, the CRYOVAC® brand compostable overwrap tray exemplifies the company's broader initiatives. SEE has made firm commitments to enhance all its packaging solutions to either be recyclable or reusable, to integrate an average of 50% recycled or renewable materials into its packaging solutions, and to engage in partnerships focused on advancing recycling technology and infrastructure.
The Impact Report for FY22 offers a comprehensive overview of SEE's sustainability endeavors, showcasing the company's leadership within the industry, innovative solutions, and global partnerships. Within the report, SEE's progress towards sustainability objectives is highlighted, emphasizing achievements such as waste diversion from landfills and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and water intensity across operations.