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Repurposing, Recycling, Disposing Off Old Tyres


Everyone can find a solution be it to repurpose, recycle or dispose off old tyres.

Dailycs.com – 30 March 2021 – Republic Services holds the 5th “largest vocational fleet” place in the country with over sixteen thousand trucks. Therefore, they are well versed with the best way of dealing with old tires and the same time being cautious of not doing certain things.
One needs to keep certain points in mind when deciding what to do with old tyres. Everyone can find a solution be it to repurpose, recycle or dispose off old tyres. As a result, the company has come out with its list of “DOs and DON’Ts” when it is the question of “responsibly” disposing old tyres.
Firstly, the aim should be to minimize the replacement of tyres by preserving and maintaining old ones. As the company added:
“The life of a tire can be extended by adding a new tire tread. Retreading tires is a complicated process, but we know the value of recycling resources wherever and whenever possible. Retreading has the potential to save roughly 200,000 tires per year!”
While ne should not forget that tyres are not to be thrown anywhere, it requires special treatment. Therefore refrain from throwing away old tyres in a bin.
Secondly, after changing the tyres through professionals, Republic Services advises to leave the old ones with the professionals as they would know better bout disposal process. However, if this doesn’t work out then it would be wise to “contact local providers to determine where you can properly dispose of tires” as depending on regulations some “landfills accept tyres”.
One needs to also keep in mind that tyres are non-recyclable, therefore placing them with other recyclables is not an option.
In fact, old tyres can be used in many creative manners for “swing, planter, or unique outdoor chair”. You can learn more about the “dos and don’ts of recycling” tyres in a sustainable manner at: