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Republic Service Celebrates Its Fan’s Birthday


With a special cake and the person of admiration in front, Jackson experienced an unforgettable birthday.

Dailycsr.com – 31 August 2017 – The Republic Services fells itself to be fortunate to serve communities on a daily basis and to connect to the customers and the residents of the area wherein it is operating.
In a recent venture, Andy Lewis, a “residential driver” based out of Michigan and Kunta Taylor, the operation supervisor, drove down to pay a surprise visit to a young birthday boy. Jackson is a “huge fan of Republic trucks”. On every Monday, he would wait in front of the house for the truck. Therefore, the meeting with Andy on his fourth birthday is a gift to be cherished for Jackson.
Moreover, Jackson’s birthday was celebrated with a “special cake” carrying a “bright blue picture of a Republic truck in the icing”. As per reports:
“He loved his cake and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the experience.”