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RepTrak rates Hasbro as the US’s most reputable Company


A world leader it in its industry segment, Reputation institute, a consultancy and research based advisory firm, has placed Hasbro, as the most reputable company in the US.

According to the Reputation Institute RepTrak® management model, Hasbro Inc. has been selected and placed amongst the most reputable companies in the United States. Reputation Institute is the world’s leading research-based advisory and consulting firm that analyses various variables and computes a company’s reputation. In doing so, it enables them to make more confident business decisions, analyse risks areas and move towards sustainable topics, build and drive reputational capital which potentially generates goodwill, and have a better competitive edge in the market.

Its RepTrak® model, which can analyse and arrive at the reputation of institutions and companies, is its most prominent tool. Its best known for its Global RepTrak® 100, i.e. a listing of the world’s best corporates and institutions borne out from a comprehensive analyses, Country RepTrak® and its City RepTrak® model. These models can generate an organisation’s reputation given any geographical location.

The Reputation Institute’s annual RepTrak® 100 has been published by Forbes wherein HasBro Inc. has topped the list. The ranking is arrived at by taking into account seven variables: governance, leadership, performance, products/services, innovation, workplace and citizenship.

“We are incredibly proud of all of our corporate rankings and awards, and are especially honoured to rank so highly in our first year on the US RepTrak 100 list, as it is a reflection of the public’s perception of our Company and how we conduct our business. Consumers are at the heart of everything that we do and we know that our efforts to build a safe and sustainable world for future generations is part of how we earn our consumer’s trust and respect each and every day as we fulfil our mission of ‘Creating the World’s Best Play Experiences,’” said John Frascotti, Hasbro Brands’ President.

In addition to topping Reputation Institute’s list, HasBro Inc. has also received other recognition as the World’s Most Ethical Company in 2015. It also was placed #2 on the 100 Best Corporate Citizens List for 2015. The accolades only go to highlight and underline HasBro’s commitment to ethics and operational responsibility vis-à-vis ethics, governance, product safety and environmental sustainability.

The RepTrak® model has since long been recognised as the gold standard measure for assessing organisational reputation, for it provides an unique outlook as to how the public view the world’s best known companies. The RepTrack ® algorithm examines 15 stakeholders groups in 25 industries, in 50 countries, in 7000 companies. The US RepTrak® 100 examines the perceptions of companies by the US citizens based on more than 70,000 interviews.

Brad Hecht, Chief Research Officer at Reputation Institute, explained that “The top U.S. companies proactively manage their reputations by investing as much in corporate dimensions like governance, citizenship and workplace as they do in their products and services. Companies with strong reputations are 15 times more likely to attract better talent and they reap significant financial benefits, too. The most reputable companies see a stock performance that is 2 times better than the overall market and they benefit from a 6.5% increase in recommendations every time they improve their RepTrak® score by 5 points.”