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Rayonier’s Sustainability Report – Community Affairs


Rayonier’s Sustainability Report – Community Affairs
Because our communities are home to both our forestlands and the employees entrusted with their care, our organizational success is inextricably linked to the health and well-being of our larger communities. As a result, we are dedicated to assisting these communities in a variety of ways. We are committed to volunteering and serving in our communities through environmental education, literacy, food distribution programs, and various other philanthropic efforts, in addition to donating money.

Throughout our organization, located in the United States and New Zealand, our volunteer efforts and philanthropic investments support initiatives across the following common areas:

Conservation and Environment
Our employees take part in efforts to preserve and protect the environment, such as river and roadside clean-up projects.

We work hard to support local education initiatives and to educate young people about the benefits of sustainable forestry. These efforts not only benefit our local communities, but they also foster interest in and knowledge of forestry careers for future generations.

Community Support
We believe that when members of a community, including our employees, volunteer their time and energy to help those in need, the community grows stronger. Our employees volunteer for programs that address food insecurity, literacy, school supply needs, and other worthwhile causes that improve the lives of those in our communities.

Health and Hospitals
Rayonier and our employees support a variety of organizations that help vulnerable populations and those suffering from medical setbacks in our communities.

Rayonier employees contribute their time and expertise to a variety of community initiatives in addition to corporate giving. Several of our employees are proud to serve on boards that support education, health, and environmental initiatives in the communities where we live.