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Qualcomm introduces 5G training for students across the globe


The program is available for any full-time university student worldwide, including those pursuing an Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD degree.

Qualcomm Technologies' new 5G training university program has increased global access to STEM education. The Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA), the company's educational and training branch, will launch the program in the fall of 2021.

More on QWA’s 5G University Training Program
QWA's university program provides students from all over the world with the opportunity to receive 5G training and certification from Qualcomm Technologies' industry-leading engineers.

Normally, this training costs hundreds of dollars per course; however, university students can receive two free QWA 5G training courses. Students who complete their free training may then pay a small fee of $29 to take the company's 5G Introductory-Level Certification exam. Students who pass the exam will receive an official certification from a 5G industry leader.

Students improve their 5G knowledge, skills, and professional portfolios by taking this training and becoming certified by Qualcomm Technologies, and they begin to arm themselves with the tools they need to optimize 5G technology in the workplace.

In addition to receiving 5G training and certification, students in North America may upload their resumes for Qualcomm recruiters to view as part of this program, providing students with a valuable networking opportunity.

QWA’s University Program
This program is available to any full-time university student worldwide, including those pursuing an Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD degree. The program's operation is summarized below:
  1. Register for the Program: Students may click on the following links to learn more and register:
  2. Enroll in the Free Training: Once students register for their courses, a QWA representative will email them with instructions for accessing the learning material.
  3. Enroll in QWA’s 5G Introductory-Level Certification Exam: Upon completing their training, students may enroll in QWA’s 5G Introductory-Level Certification exam. Instructions for enrolling are on the links listed in first step above
  4. Receive a Qualcomm Technologies Certificate: If students pass their exam, they will receive a Qualcomm Technologies 5G Introductory-Level Certificate. They may post this certificate on their resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and/or wherever they choose.
Expanding to Diverse and Exciting Student Populations:
Since its inception, QWA's 5G university training program has grown rapidly. In the first year of the program, QWA enrolled over 1,500 students from over 125 universities around the world. These students also represented approximately 45 different majors from across the academic spectrum, as well as a variety of Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD programs. QWA's global reach is expanding as the program grows, with particular emphasis on India, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

For more information on QWA's university program, or if your university is interested in participating, do get in touch with qwa@qti.qualcomm.com