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Promoting Clean Energy Workforce: Offshore Wind Invests in STEM and Environmental Education in New York State


Community Offshore Wind, a collaboration between RWE Renewables and National Grid, is making a significant investment in STEM and environmental education programs to prepare the future offshore wind workforce in New York State. About $100,000 is being allocated to this initiative. By partnering with various community organizations in downstate New York, Community Offshore Wind aims to provide hands-on learning experiences through access to museums, outdoor spaces, and marine and environmental education. 

Pat Johnson, Vice President and Deputy Project Director of Community Offshore Wind, expressed the importance of equipping New York youth with environmental and STEM education for their future careers in offshore wind. While awaiting a decision on their offshore wind proposal, Community Offshore Wind remains committed to bringing positive changes to the state and has been actively involved in supporting New York communities for an extended period. 

During Engineers Week, 75 students from communities in downstate New York had the opportunity to visit prominent museums such as the Brooklyn Children's Museum, Long Island Children's Museum, and New York Hall of Science. These students were from organizations like the Red Hook Initiative, Good Shepherd Services at the Joseph Miccio Community Center, and the Long Beach Martin Luther King Center. William Suarez, Partnerships Manager of Red Hook Initiative, expressed gratitude for Community Offshore Wind's support, which enabled these students to explore museums in their local area and hopes that this enriching experience will inspire them and contribute to their success. 

In collaboration with Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE), Community Offshore Wind will facilitate interactive boat excursions for Uniondale High School students in 11th and 12th grade. These excursions will take place in the Western Bays surrounding Long Island, providing opportunities to learn about climate change and renewables. The program also aims to connect students with summer internships related to climate issues. 

Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, expressed delight in working with Uniondale High School and their strong interest in understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Through Community Offshore Wind's support, the program can offer classroom education, field trips, and internships in climate-related fields, exposing students to potential careers in offshore wind and renewable energy. 

Community Offshore Wind, in partnership with Operation Splash, will provide over 400 second and third grade Uniondale students with a field trip that offers marine and environmental education aboard a boat. The aim is to help students comprehend the significance of ocean conservation through hands-on experiences. Robert Weltner, President of Operation SPLASH, emphasized that witnessing the issues firsthand while on the water allows students to establish deeper connections and understand the importance of safeguarding the local bays and environment. The support from Community Offshore Wind enables these field trips for Uniondale students to take place, aligning with their shared goal of providing marine and environmental education to younger generations. 

Another collaboration between Community Offshore Wind and the Cradle of Aviation Museum and Education Center will host the Kidwind Competition for more than 300 students across Long Island. This competition encourages participants to build and test wind turbines while fostering knowledge of renewable energy, engineering principles, and teamwork. The primary objective is to inspire young individuals to pursue careers in STEM fields. 

"We are thrilled to host our first Kidwind competition at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in nearly three years," said Kerri Mackay, Education Competition Coordinator at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. 

"Community Offshore Wind's support will make this competition possible and inspire students to explore the potential of sustainable energy sources."

The series of programming will continue through the rest of the 2023 calendar year.

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