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Promising Sustainable Developments Of 2018 Need To Be Put Into Test


Riding in the tide of optimism, may all the very good, but the enduring test lies “against deeper structural obstacles”.

Dailycsr.com – 30 January 2018 – The Chief Executive Officer as well as the President of “World Environment Center”, in short WEC, Terry F. Yosie, writes that the beginning note of 2018, has been just like “most years” that appear optimistic and hopeful about what the future holds in store.
As a result, Yosie notes that there are a number of “positive developments” seen in the sustainability move across the world which are waiting to be acknowledged such as the “on-going implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement by many nations”, while there are increased business collaborations that includes even NGOs as well as other “institutions”, together they deal with renewable energy and wastage of food among others.
Moreover, there is also this agenda of expanding on human rights issues while promoting “women’s empowerment” and “accelerating investor interest in sustainability”. All these sound “good” so far.  While, reminds us that:
“Such optimism (even cautious optimism), however, needs to be tested against deeper structural obstacles that have the potential to slow down and possibly reverse more positive sustainability trends of recent years”.