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Project Scientist Shapes Future Female Scientists


It takes aptitude, dedication, teacher’s recommendation, financial as well as family support, and Project Scientist programme to inspire girls to choose from myriad science related careers.

Dailycsr.com – 09 April 2018 – Jessica Rodriquez is an eleven year old student of “Collinswood Language Academy” situated at Charlotte, N.C. She has shown an interest in a wide range of professions as her career options starting from zoologist, engineer, veterinarian and landscape architect.
Jessica’s mother, however, thinks that her daughter wide range of career options and interest stemmed from “Project Scientist” which, in her words, “introduces girls to all these different careers. It shows them they have options”.
Students might not have even heard about some of the topics introduced at Project Scientist, for example a career of a “biomedical engineer”. In the words of the Director of Project Scientist, a “national program”, Alyssa Sharpe:
“We always tell the girls: The jobs you’re going to go for don’t even exist today”.
The above mentioned programme begun in 2011 with a dedication towards “encouraging girls”, starting from “pre-kindergarten” to twelve years ones, to undertake science subjects in school and later to select science related careers. 40% of the girls enrolled in the programme form part of “economically disadvantaged households”. Thanks to “corporate and foundation partners”, they are given scholarships.
Similarly, the Duke Energy, has so far, taken the sponsorship of twenty five girls, as one of the first corporate partners who invested in the Project Scientist. The said programme has conducted training of “2,000 future scientists in Charlotte”.
While, the Duke Energy Foundation’s President, Cari Boyce, added:
“Project Scientist exposes girls to the limitless career possibilities in STEM and fosters a growing student interest in STEM fields. We employ thousands of STEM professionals, so we know firsthand how important it is for our communities to develop skilled workers who bring new thinking and innovation to our region.” 
Principal and teacher’s recommendations are needed for any girls to join in the programme, as the students require to “demonstrate an aptitude for STEM”, while a parent or guardian need to support them in this endeavour since it is a “a multiyear commitment and the organization boasts a 70 percent retention rate. In Sharpe’s words:
“We offer a safe and sacred space to pursue science.”
Girls are taken on expeditions and also introduced to women in science profession. Moreover, the major component of Project Scientist is its “summer STEM Academy”, wherein the future scientists get to experience an immersive six weeks of STEM curriculum inspired mainly from “the PBS show, SciGirls” while being delivered by “credentialed educators”.