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Prime Minister May Pledges To Eradicate The ‘Despicable Trade’ Of Human Trafficking


Modern slavery is a carcinogenic cell within the vein of humanity’s growth which seems to thrive under the shroud of migration crisis.

Dailycsr.com – 16 December 2016 – A service was held at Westminster Abbey in remembrance of William Wilberforce, an “anti-slavery campaigner” of 18th century who ignited the fire that led to the “abolition of slavery” across the British regions, wherein Prime Minister May states her demand of U.K being the leader in the worldwide fight against “human trafficking”.
In order to effectuate the same, May suggests “radical approach” that targets “every aspect of this despicable trade”, while eradicating the business of the “slave-drivers” all together. In fact, Mya has left her signature move in the said field last year, when as “home secretary”, she passed first of its European “Modern Slavery Act”.
The Ethical Performance informs that as per the information provided by Kevin Hyland, the “anti-slavery commissioner” of the United Kingdom, “victims were failed by ‘chronic weaknesses’ within law enforcement, along with a ‘substandard’ crime recording in England and Wales”. As a result, reduced number of investigations were being raised under modern slavery, while Hyland stated in his “first annual report”:
“Inadequacies in this area impact not only present and future victims, but could also allow organised crime groups to act with impunity, compromising the UK's national security.”
According to the estimates of Home Office Britain alone could possess as many as ten thousand to thirteen thousand potential “human trafficking” victims, while the same multiplies to forty five million given the global scenario. While, the Ethical Performance informs:
“The issue of modern-day slavery is a hot topic, and top of the agenda for companies based in the UK or doing business here. The subject was actively discussed by some of the country’s top businesses at a recent symposium sponsored by Source Intelligence”.
The pressure to eliminate modern slavery from the local as well as international supply chains puts organisations under the lime light, while investigators are following close behind their heels to examine every possible areas in this regard. As per recent studies, over “two-thirds of all businesses” think that there was a chance of modern slavery thriving “within their supply chain”.
An acceptable “good approach” towards eliminating of modern slavery is to begin by the assessment of “‘already in motion’ conflict minerals tracing programs” which enables one to gather data from the suppliers about the “possible presence of conflict minerals in a product” and analyse the same, whereby “significantly” reducing the “probability of slavery”. While, May pledges “£33m from the aid budget” for focussing on the “high risk trafficking source countries” that include “Nigeria, Vietnam, Romania, Poland and Albania”.
Moreover, Ethical Performance reports that “migration crisis” spread across Europe plays a vital role in promoting this abominable trade, as under the shroud of the above mentioned crisis criminal gangs are forcing “more people into sex work and other types of slavery”, among others child trafficking being the easy recruitment.