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Preparing Australians To Be Situational Aware In Bushfire Encounter


Tetra Tech provides endorsed training sessions for spreading knowledge about bushfires to enhance resilience.

Dailycsr.com – 22 January 2019 – In an attempt to “support resilience” Tetra Tech is preparing volunteers, contractors and employees of Australia alike to be aware and “respond safely” when faced with bushfires. This training is extended to the ones who have chances of being “exposed to bushfire risks in their duties or activities”.
In Australia, Tetra Tech holds one of the largest consultancies of the country which provides “most dynamic” support on environment and bushfire related issues. However, Tetra Tech informs:
“We work across Australia providing strategic bushfire planning, assessment, and mapping. Our team works with developers; home builders; building contractors; Commonwealth, state, and local government agencies; large corporations (e.g., mining and utilities); and other consultancies (e.g., town planners and project managers)”.
“Eco Logical Australia” is the name of a Tetra Tech Company which has received endorsement from the “Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council” for delivering the “Basic Wildfire Awareness Course” all over the country. Through this course, participants acquire “relevant knowledge” to identify “key risks” either in a bushfire encounter or in a “planned burn”.
Furthermore, the training also teaches the participants the “necessary precautions” to be executed for avoiding risks besides needed actions for maintaining safety, whereby one needs to understand the mechanism of bushfires right from how they occur to the way they spread, along with the precautionary measures needed for “elevated fire danger days” to the risk it posses on the wildlife around and lastly about the safe havens to be sought at that time.
According to Tetra Tech:
“Each year in Australia more than 50 million hectares are burnt by wildfires, otherwise known as bushfires, and around 29 million hectares are treated with planned burns. Bushfires occur in distinct parts of Australia throughout the year as vegetation dries—with fires occurring in the northern Australia dry season from April through to September, in Queensland and Northern New South Wales from September to November, and in southeast and south west Australia from December through to March. Planned burns are scheduled outside the bushfire season in times of the year when conditions are more favorable and burns more easily controlled”.
Preparing the people working in an environment that harbours the risk of bushfire is the key to “enhance their resilience”. The Principal Consultant for Bushfire and Forestry at Tetra Tech, Dominic Adshead said:
“Being situationally aware of the potential for or signs of a fire, for those working and living in the bush, and making an informed decision about what to do in a potentially stressful situation is critical to keeping people safe. This course can assist in providing participants with this necessary knowledge.”