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Pioneering Women in Tech: Inspiring Paths to Success


Pioneering Women in Tech: Inspiring Paths to Success
This latest addition to the Logitech MX #WomenWhoMaster lineup showcases the collaboration of two highly innovative figures in the tech industry, each with valuable insights on the intersection of passion and creativity in their field. Marija Musja, CEO of Empowerment Lab, a startup in Switzerland, specializes in connecting young girls with tech skills and careers aligned with their personal interests. Nikita Washington, a senior UX designer and speaker from New York City, encourages individuals, especially those from non-traditional backgrounds, to heed the call of technology.
What's remarkable is that neither Marija nor Nikita began their professional journeys in tech. Despite lacking formal education in math, engineering, or computer science, Marija's background was in non-profits, while Nikita was formerly a high school teacher. However, both recognized the transformative potential of technology, particularly for empowering girls and women, and remained steadfast in pursuing their passion-driven paths into tech careers.
When asked about their approach to igniting young girls' interest in technology, Marija emphasizes the importance of tapping into their individual creativity. Through a fun and scientifically supported matching quiz, Empowerment Lab helps girls discover their passions, whether it's storytelling, marine biology, or retail management, and then introduces them to tech-related career options aligned with these interests. By offering online courses tailored to these passions, girls begin to see the relevance of tech skills to their aspirations, sparking their enthusiasm for the digital world.
Reflecting on the genesis of Empowerment Lab, Marija shares her motivation to bridge the gap between girls' lives and the possibilities offered by careers in digital tech. Her unwavering belief in the potential of providing girls with knowledge and tools to explore various career paths fueled her to establish Empowerment Lab. The experience of building this organization from the ground up has been profoundly rewarding for Marija, reinforcing her conviction that trusting one's vision is paramount when embarking on new endeavors.

By sparking girls' interests in tech-related careers, we're creating a world of fulfilled and passionate professionals."
Similarly, our discussion with Nikita Washington illustrates how determination and enthusiasm prompted her transition from education to design, navigating her journey as a Black transgender woman.
Q: What drew you to technology? Was it a childhood interest?
Nikita Washington: Not initially. My aspiration was to become a teacher. As a child, I had an active imagination and would collect old textbooks to teach imaginary students various subjects like reading, math, and history.

I earned a BA and an MA in education and taught for a decade, but I kept feeling the pull towards educational technology — technology seemed to be beckoning me! After exploring various tech-related roles, I found that UX Design resonated with me due to its creative nature. I pursued certification through the Design Lab bootcamp and subsequently joined Ally Financial as a Senior UX Designer.

"There are myriad paths to a career in technology, and individuals arrive there in their own unique ways — there's no singular correct route."

Q: You're also a leader at the non-profit organization Out in Tech. Why is this significant to you and your endeavors?
NW: Out in Tech is the largest global LGBTQ+ organization in the tech industry, boasting over 45,000 members, and I lead the Trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming channel. As a Black transgender woman and former educator, I am passionate about sharing my narrative and demonstrating that transitioning into technology is entirely feasible, irrespective of one's background or identity.
Marija and Nikita both experienced firsthand how technology can unveil new horizons and transform lives. As a result, the former attorney and the former educator aspire to cultivate similar opportunities for young women who, like them, never envisioned a tech-centric career. Their objective, as articulated by Marija, is to foster a community of fulfilled and passionate professionals. Because irrespective of one's starting point, passion and ingenuity can pave the way to success.