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P&G’s inspiring culture of delivering inclusive employment to disabled employees


There are more than 1 billion people who are disabled in the world. P&G recognizes that people with different abilities have different strengths and perspectives, and we work with them to create an inclusive environment — across the spectrum of disabilities — so that all employees can reach their full career potential and contribute to the growth of our company.

As we recognize International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on December 3, we acknowledge and thank our employees and change-making partners who help drive our culture of understanding, empathy and trust through the sharing of their own lived experiences. Their abilities, contributions, and perseverance are assisting us in developing supportive communities that connect our employees with disabilities to the resources they require to reach their full potential. We are working together to create a culture of disability confidence.

Representation of people with disabilities at all levels of leadership is critical to meeting our commitment to inclusion. That is why we are one of the first 75 companies to join Generation Valuable, a new leadership programme launched during this year's IDPD by our disability inclusion partner, The Valuable 500. Generation Valuable is an important programme that aims to advance the professional careers of people with disabilities while also providing senior leadership with valuable information about disability inclusion. Over the next year, Scott Van Nice, IT Director, and Sundar Raman, Chief Executive Officer, Fabric & Home Care, will collaborate to drive disability inclusion throughout our organization, from workplace culture to consumer experience.

Inclusive culture
As an inclusive culture pervades our plants, offices, products, and customers. It has an impact on the world we all share.

The Ariel ECOCLIC® box, which was recently launched in Europe, is the first Ariel laundry pack to be both certified child-safe and designed to be inclusive and intuitive to use for all adults, thanks to its ergonomic opening system backed by extensive research. Ariel has also created large, clear, and legible opening instructions that are placed at the top of the pack to ensure that the box is easy and comfortable to open for everyone, including those with dexterity, visual, and/or cognitive impairments.

The answer is yes. Ariel scientists have also designed a reassuring 'click' feature to signal that the pack has been properly closed, giving all parents peace of mind when reclosing the pack.
Click here to learn more about how it works, why it's safe, and the changes Ariel has implemented to set the standard for product accessibility.

Inspiring Inclusion
Honoring our employees' and brands' experiences and contributions allows us to create innovative solutions that solve real-world problems and have genuine community impact.

The Spanish campaign "Imbatibles. Capaces de Todo." paves the way to the Paralympics in Paris in 2024 by involving millions of people with disabilities in the journey. The three-year initiative includes a collaboration with the Spanish Paralympic Committee as well as participation from corporate and community organisations in order to increase universal access and promote inclusive sports. Watch the campaign's kickoff advertisement, featuring Paralympic triathlon champion Susana Rodríguez and Paralympic swimming champion Teresa Perales.
The Importance of Equality
At P&G, we understand that the power of our differences, as well as the strength of our unity, drives growth and value creation. We remain committed to providing a disability confident culture, one that creates a sense of belonging and enables equal access and opportunity.

We will continue to advance toward true equality and equity, build new audiences, move communities forward, and create a more inclusive and accessible world for all by supporting communities and inspiring actions that resonate with people with disabilities through our brands, people, partnerships, and platforms.