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Ørsted Goes Onboard For Investing Largest Onshore Project Final Phase


Ørsted makes its onshore presence in the South Texas’ Bee County with hybrid onshore project.

Dailycsr.com – 02 July 2021 – Helena Energy Center is the “518 MW hybrid wind and solar PV project”, the largest one among the onshore projects of Ørsted. The said project is expected to be functional within the “first half of 2022” while Ørsted has taken the plunge into its “final investment” phase for the same.
Through the above-mentioned project, Ørsted makes its onshore presence in the South Texas’ Bee County. Given the hybrid feature, the project will allow a maximum potential o the location to be explored as the market is still “highly liquid”. The project is located on the “primary transmission import path into the San Antonio load centre” while it receives sunshine as well as “strong coastal winds”.
The facility, named “Helena Energy Center”, features “268 MW Helena Wind and 250 MWAC solar PV Sparta Solar”, while “multiple corporate offtakers” such as Henkel and Target are in contracts with the same.
Moreover, under the project Ørsted has joined hands with the “Texas Native Seeds Program”, a non profit research as well as development initiative take by the “Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute at Texas A&M – Kingsville”. The latter aims to gather information about the “optimal seed mix and planting process” required for growing “native grasses under a portion of the solar project”.
The benefits of the programme could reflect in “lower operational costs, enhanced biodiversity” resulting in attracting pollinators, “lower erosion” besides improving production as the ambient temperature is likely to turn cooler. According to Ørsted’s press release:
“The project takes Ørsted's onshore operational and under construction portfolio to 4 GW, a portfolio that is both geographically and technologically diverse, spanning Texas, the Midwest, and Southeast US across wind, solar, and storage”.
The Onshore chief executive officer of Ørsted as well as its executive vice-president, Declan Flanagan said:
“We've quickly become one of the largest constructors of new wind and solar in the US, and having world-class capabilities in all facets of energy markets is central to our ambitious growth plans.  The integration of our Chicago-based trading team under Ben's leadership further sharpens our focus and execution capability”.